Let your light SHINE!

Let’s Turn On The Lights!
There comes a time when we find ourselves heading for a change of direction which can be on all sorts of levels, none more so than how we dress, by our actual LOOK.
If you feel a change coming on, fashion CAN be exciting but also scary, if we don’t know how it works best for us individually!
Have you ever wanted to feel different by changing your look? It’s easy to start with a new hairstyle or even a new hair colour, but to change the CORE of our wardrobe ... that’s really stepping outside the comfort zone!
It's how you wear it that counts!

“In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic....” IMAN

OK - Start to make yourself feel more of an original because that’s WHO you are ... by dressing in clothes that give you your own individual style and identity. More often than not... this can take you in a direction, not all your friends, partner nor family will see coming, but the fulfillment is yours to behold ... no one else’s.
Don’t waste time by waiting in the shadows, because the answer to the next part of your make-over journey is going to bring you right under the spotlight ...SO

“DON’T DIM YOUR LIGHT TO FIT IN” with the rest of the crowd because you were meant to shine and your time is NOW!

  • Strip back and GIVE yourself a full wardrobe DETOX of those non-descript ‘SAFE’ clothes that flatten your sparkle.
  • Bring out the REAL woman in you by wearing clothes that fire up your soul.
  • You CAN Gain ultimate confidence by knowing WHAT you wear represents WHO you are.
  • DO protect your mindset - formality is fine when it’s needed, otherwise feel RELAXED, not casual in your clothes.
  • Designer or High St - either works but it HAS to be YOUR style.
  • GO for maximum style & comfort.
  • DO re-discover feelings filling you with JOY, simply by wearing colours which energize you.
Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." —Gianni Versace
Finally when you start this process of beginning to SHINE ...believe in yourself and be compassionate at the same time! Neither punish nor criticize yourself for making those new choices. Accept your new look unconditionally and go right ahead ... turn that light on inside of YOU!
Need any help with the process? ... then why not ask Mapuchi Moda to join in the journey and help guide you through it!
We’re guaranteed to have FUN!


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