Personal Styling by Sara Haley


From jumping out of my jodhpurs and boots and into dresses and heels, I've always been intrigued how colours and fabric can make such a difference to how we look and more importantly how we feel. Aged 18 I had started modeling doing catwalk shows, commercial photography and TV commercials, so my wardrobe was curiously growing! I needed to have so many shoes it was unreal - 78 pairs to be exact! A model's kit bag is forever growing with all sorts of wonderful tricks of the trade, some you learn & some that are shared. 

It's all these experiences that have guided me where I am in my own style today.

The satisfaction of seeing someone realize how different they can actually feel by wearing a different garment is amazing. The change that happens in that person can be very powerful. Confidence in the right quantities can be life-changing and we all deserve to be given that chance of feeling that emotion when it comes to dressing ourselves.

To feel and look amazing, in our own way, is the best effort of investment we can make in ourselves.

I'm only too pleased to be given that opportunity to help to empower clients who arrive at my boutique, by helping and guiding them to make the right choices in order to bring out the BEST in YOU. 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Best wishes

Sara Haley





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